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Max King (ESB) obtains one gold and one silver medals at Long Distance Champs in Lignano (Italy) on 26 and 27 November 2022

November 27, 2022

This year, due to different circumstances, only one ESB swimmer participated at the Long Distance Champs in Lignano (Italy), on 26 and 27 November, even if much more swimmers qualified with very good times.

However, our representative, Max King, 16, EEB1, excelled in 800 m (silver) and 1500 m free (gold).

Congratulations for these two medals!

We hope that more swimmers will be able to attend the Short Distance Champs in Eindhoven end of February, with equally good results.

New season 2022-2023 has started!

20 medals at the Short Distance Champs 2022, including one gold

March 1, 2022

The EFSL Short Distance Champs were held in Eindhoven on 26-27 February, with 21 ESB swimmers qualified. We obtained 21 medals, including a gold (Javier Montoro, EEB1, at 200 freestyle boys, 17-19).

Congratulations to the medalists: Javier Montoro (EEB1, 4 medals), Iván Salgado (EEB1, 3 medals), Ioana Vasilescu (EEB2, 3 medals), Samuel and Benjamin Coles (American School of Brussels, 4 and 2 medals), Aleksander Janaszczyk (EEB1, one medal), Iskender Patel-Pimentel (EEB2, one medal), and the relays 200 medley (Ioana, Lisa, Iskender, Marek) and 200 free (Alexia, Ioana, Samuel, Iskender).

Congratulations also to the other qualifiers.

The new season 2022-2023 started on September, 17, with a first competition in SHAPE. This year, we have no access to CERIA for the Home Meets, but SHAPE Seals and Geilenkirchen Orcas kindly allow us to use their pool - a big thanks to our friends and rivals.


The Long Distance Champs will be held in Lignano, in Italy, where we will also travel for two "normal" meets. The Short Distance Champs will be, as usual, in Eindhoven. We wish good luck to all swimmers for this new season! 

October 5, 2022

Champs 2020: ESB wins 41 medals, 6 more than last year

ESB ready for the EFSL Short Distance Champs: 21 swimmers qualified

February 22, 2022

The 2021/2022 season is coming to an end, and after the success of the LD Champs last November, the ESB swimmers are more determined than ever to show their best at the Short Distance finals. After last year's interruption, these come back this year under their "traditional" form, with nonetheless additional health measures and restrictions.

This year 21 of our swimmers have qualified and will compete in the eight different strokes and distances during the weekend of February 26th in the Olympic Pool of Eindhoven (NL) along peers from the other EFSL teams from all around Europe.

Good luck to all of them!

Champs 2020: ESB wins 41 medals, 6 more than last year

ESB Octopus wins 6 medals at the EFSL long-distance Champs in Bruges

December 2, 2021

Eight swimmers representing the European Schools of Brussels participed to the long-distance swimming finals of the European Forces Swimming League (EFSL). They won six medals at the 800, 1 500 meters freestyle, and 400 meters individual medley races.

Congratulations to Ioana Vasilescu (EEB2, three medals), Éabha Ni Chonchuir, Alberto Alquézar Pomar (EEB3) and Sam Coles (Brussels American School), and to the other Champs qualifiers as well.

The competitions are still ongoing, the next objective being the short distance Champs that will be held in Eindhoven on 26 and 27 February 2022. Several swimmers of the European Schools team are already qualified.

Champs 2020: ESB wins 41 medals, 6 more than last year

26 medals at the end of a short and difficult season

April 29, 2020

The restrictive measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic have severely affected the swimming season of the ESB Octopus. We were only able to participate in three competitions; two in the Olympic pool of La Louvière and one home meet in CERIA, Brussels, between September and November 2020.

Despite these limitations, the European Forces Swim League (EFSL) decided to distribute the medals of the season based on the best performances, instead of organising the traditional finals (“Champs”) in Eindhoven with all teams of the league.

The ESB obtained 26 medals. Congratulations to all swimmers who were active and compete despite the difficult situation, and especially to our medalists: Alexia Salgado (Uccle, two medals), Ioana Vasilescu (Woluwe, two medals), Mathilde Peeters (Woluwe, one medal), Attila Sallai (Uccle, 6 medals), Alberto Alquézar Pomar (Ixelles, one medal), Rodrigo Alquézar Pomar (Ixelles, eight medals) and Peter Somogyi (Ixelles, six medals)..

In spite of the difficult and disappointing season, we remain motivated to come back to normal in 2021-2021!!

Champs 2020: ESB wins 41 medals, 6 more than last year

We are back! Season 2020-2021 starts...

September 15, 2020

Despite the coronavirus crisis, the season 2020-2021 started on 12 September, with a meet organised by SHAPE in the 50 m swimming pool of La Louvière.


There are still many difficulties to train, strict safety measures and other limitations, but the competition went well, extremely well organised by SHAPE and with already good results, including several qualification and B-times.

Champs 2020: ESB wins 41 medals, 6 more than last year

Champs 2020: ESB wins 41 medals, 6 more than last year

March 2, 2020

We won 41 medals, including 3 golds, at the EFSL Short Distance Champs in Eindhoven.

On the week-end of 29 February to 1st of March, 29 swimmers representing the different European Schools of Brussels participated to the Short Distance Champs of the EFSL. Our team, ESB Octopus, obtained 41 medals, including three golds.

Congratulations to all the medalists:

  • Alexia Salgado (3 medals)

  • Lisa Di Stefano (1 medal)

  • Inès Mazzola (1 medal)

  • Jonas Eversonas (7 medals)

  • Paulius Eversonas (1 medal)

  • Iskender Patel-Pimentel (7 medals, including two golds)

  • Jules Pellier (5 medals, including one gold)

  • Rodrigo Alquézar Pomar (4 medals)

  • Aura Ortega Claici (7 medals)

  • Sven Woersdoerfer (2 medals)

  • And three medals in relays (Georgios, Lisa, Iskender and Ioana; Jules, Inès, Aura and Sven – with two medals).

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