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The European Schools of Brussels do not have their own swimming pool and therefore swimmers have to train either with the APEEE Services of the European School of Brussels 1 (EEB 1), where some of the ESB Octopus coaches are also instructors, or in a local club

The APEEE Services (former Cesame) of the EEB 1 organises swimming lessons and trainings open to all European School pupils (EEB 1-2-3-4) aged 5 or over, for all levels everyday and in different pools in the city.

There is a strong historical partnership between APEEE Services and the ESB Octopus. The organisation of the trainings by the APEEE Services is however distinct from the organisation of the ESB Octopus. ESB takes care of the competitions only, not of the weekly trainings.

Every year, in May-June, registrations for ESB Octopus members and "classic" swimmers are open (since 2024) at the same time. However, ESB Octopus team members have priority.

The are also advanced levels of courses preparing for competition for ESB Octopus members only .

More information:

Swimmers can also train with other local teams or local pools. We strongly recommend at least one or two trainings per week to avoid disappointments at the competitions.

The table below shows some of the pools used by the APEEE Services or by local teams.

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